Security + Fire

Security + Fire Services

Evans Electrical are specialists in the design, installation and maintenance of all types of Fire Alarm systems with coverage across the West Midlands area.

We all know fire can be very dangerous to lives and property that's why fire detection shouldn't be taken lightly.

If you are unfortunate to have a fire you need to know about it as soon as possible whether it's at home or in the work place. Fire Detection & Alarm Systems protect both life and property. They alert workers and external services to unexpected and dangerous events, and allow appropriate and timely action to be taken.

Evans Electrical, install and maintain a wide range of fire detection and fire alarm systems to meet all fire safety applications. Whether a small convention system or a networked addressable system, we are able to guide you through the complete process of design, installation and commissioning.

Fire detection technology used by Evans can be designed to suit all kinds of situations and organizations. We can also integrate your fire alarm system into your security system to give you a complete fire and security solution that works harder and more efficiently to meet your business requirements this will ensure all your company assets, staff and visitors will be protected 24 hours a day.

Wired Fire alarms can be sometimes be difficult to install, and can take many hours to be put in correctly. The installation process can include getting into walls and ceilings to run cabling, it can be a messy situation. As an alternative to the wired solution where these situations exist, Evans Electrical can design, install, maintain and commission wireless fire alarm systems to the latest EN and British Standards.

Wireless Systems do not require any cabling between devices and provide very little disruption to premises during installation which is sometimes vitally important in certain environments. Wireless also has many more benefits compared to its wired rival the systems are packed with features that leave most “hard wired” systems behind, these systems offer true addressable solution, Installed to provide you with total building protection or solely for fire protection.

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